Cotton Processing

We provide expert support on growing, picking and processing of cotton.

Some of the big names in the clothing industry has now committed to buy cotton cultivated in South-Africa and other African countries.  Cotton farming has become quite important since these big companies no longer want to import clothes/cotton from other countries.

Loskop Cotton is providing cotton to Mr. Price Stores.  We are also now affiliated with the BCI who is the governing body for the cotton industry.  Cotton of high quality needs to be produced to feed the ever increasing clothing market in South Africa and other countries.  

The scientific approach of Loskop Cotton will make it possible for each and every person buying clothes in the stores to know exactly where that shirt's cotton was grown, what chemicals/colourants were used on it and where it was processed.  The value chain is clear and we have done so to give clients peace of mind, knowing that the products they buy were produced with the highest integrity in mind.