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Loskop Cotton erected a state of the art Cherokee Gin.  The erection and implementation of the new gin didn't always went smoothly.

Financing of such a venture is no easy task and numerous meetings with several financial institutions had to be secured before the final go-ahead was obtained.

Shipment took ages.  Sometimes a ship will be in the harbor for weeks before being off loaded.  At every stop the containers had to be checked and verified, a process that will also took quite some time.  The only way for the factory equipment to be transported was via ships as it is bulky and quite heavy.  

Growing pains is experienced as time goes on.  Like any new implementation or change, it takes time to sort out all the glitches.  A lot of progress have been made and currently the gin is producing about 20 bales per hour.  This will pick up when all problems and glitches are sorted out.

Challenges experienced along the way in the processing of cotton.
  1. Heavy rainfall is slowing down cotton processing.
  2. Many cotton that came in is contaminated with a lot of leaves.  This is also causing the ginning process to slow down.
  3. In some bales pieces of metal and wires were picked up with the harvesting process.  Cleaning bales from metal and wires also take some time which could have been saved otherwise.


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