Using innovative equipment to reduce time and energy in farming!

Precision farming

Precision Farming is a way of live. A strive in a competitive world where costs is the determining factor.

Farming that starts with an idea. 

Ideas that make us better farmers and better land keepers and better accountants. In all better business leaders.



The Idea

Control inputs to save money but giving back what we take out through yields and harvesting.

To accurately measure control and apply the application of a product to be cost effective.


Precision Farming from every angle.



The measure of sprayers be it boom sprayers or orchids, Vineyards or chemical dosage impulses.

Through hardware and software with advance programming and combined we can ensure the most effective use of a sprayers.

Field computer combined with flow meter and control valve as well as section valves manages the flow.

Reality is you now know your exact flow per/ha and coverage area. No more misses and skips. 

Chemicals is one of the most EXPENSIVE costs we have. don’t you want to control your large expenses?



Most important aspect is the ability to do track control. To minimax compaction in the field. This has a direct effect in yields.

Auto pilots, Auto steers, EZ pilots all have a roll to play in each area. The goal of maximizing work effectively and saving.